International Collaboration

Establish and strengthen partnerships with international research and development centers to leverage global expertise and resources for Ukraine’s recovery.

Scientific Support for Recovery Projects

Focus on providing targeted scientific support for key recovery projects in Ukraine, addressing critical needs with innovative technological solutions.

Diplomatic Relations and Advocacy

Work closely with Ukrainian diplomats to advocate for support from foreign governments, secure funding for projects, and promote Ukraine’s technological capabilities on the global stage.

Support for Non-Government Initiatives

Collaborate with non-governmental initiatives within Ukraine, providing resources and a platform for grassroots innovation to contribute to the recovery effort.

Technology Transfer and Capacity Building

Facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge from international partners to Ukrainian scientists, while also investing in capacity-building programs to enhance local talent.

Focus on Key Scientific and Technological Areas

Identify and prioritize specific scientific and technological domains aligned with Ukraine’s recovery needs, such as renewable energy, healthcare technology, infrastructure development, and environmental sustainability.