We actively scout, thoroughly assess, and provide expert advice on innovative solutions that are essential for the recovery and rejuvenation of Ukraine. In the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world with a shifting global order, our commitment to embracing and driving forward scientific expertise and advancements becomes ever more crucial.


Nazovni Tech integrates expert knowledge to form a holistic, intelligent, international platform that implements advanced technology projects and scientific research, focusing on Ukraine’s recovery and global integration. Our approach combines cutting-edge solutions with strategic international collaboration for sustainable development and progress.


Collaboration: Uniting for collective action and innovative solutions, we aim for global impact and positive outcomes.

Professional Expertise: Guided by deep knowledge, we contribute with skill and insight to our mission.

Transparency: Openness and clarity drive our decisions, ensuring transparency across all operations.

Welcome to Nazovni Tech – Pioneering Ukraine’s Future

Dive into the world of Nazovni Tech, where innovation meets purpose. We’re not just an organization; we’re a beacon of hope and progress in Ukraine’s journey towards a brighter, more resilient tomorrow. Our essence lies in intertwining scientific mastery, community spirit, and strategic governmental partnerships to spearhead Ukraine’s renaissance in these challenging times.

Our Vision: A Tech-Powered Ukrainian Renaissance

Imagine a future where Ukraine is not just recovering but thriving through the power of technology and innovation. That’s the future Nazovni Tech is dedicated to creating. As an international platform, we’re more than just problem solvers – we’re visionaries and builders, committed to placing Ukraine at the vanguard of technological advancement and sustainable development.

Our Quests and Solutions

In the face of today’s daunting challenges – the tremors of war, economic upheavals, mental health crises, environmental threats, and beyond – Nazovni Tech stands resilient. We’re not just confronting these issues; we’re outsmarting them with strategic innovation. From cutting-edge scientific research to championing transformative projects, we’re turning revolutionary ideas into realities. Think recovery technologies, mental wellness initiatives, eco-conservation, and so much more. Our journey is not a solo expedition. It’s a collective endeavor involving the Ukrainian government, global donors, technology pioneers, civil societies, local champions, and international allies. Together, we’re weaving a tapestry of recovery and resurgence for Ukraine.