“Nazovni Tech” and “YARMIZ” Join Forces to Support Veterans

March 21, 2024

At this pivotal moment for Ukraine, as the country endures tremendous challenges while simultaneously demonstrating an unyielding spirit of recovery, two leading organizations have committed to working together for the benefit of veterans and their families. The public union “Platform for Recovery of Ukraine ‘Nazovni Tech'”, known for its innovative scientific and technological developments, and the “Rehabilitation and Re-adaptation Center ‘YARMIZ'”, which provides comprehensive support to veterans, have announced their merger.

This collaboration symbolizes the beginning of a new era in assisting veterans, focusing on their physical and psychological recovery. Given the complex challenges that veterans face upon returning home, the union of these organizations creates an unprecedented opportunity for the integration of advanced technologies into rehabilitation programs. This partnership involves not only the development of new projects and initiatives but also the exchange of knowledge and experience between teams, aiming to develop more effective assistance strategies.

An important aspect of this collaboration is the focus on mental health and psychosocial adaptation of veterans. Through this merger, psychological support and rehabilitation programs will become more accessible and varied, including individual and group sessions, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies for treating mental disorders.

“Nazovni Tech” and “YARMIZ” also plan to work together on grant projects that will attract funding for new initiatives. This will not only strengthen the material base for assisting veterans but also draw public and international attention to veteran issues, increasing awareness of their needs.

The joint efforts of “Nazovni Tech” and “YARMIZ” reflect the importance of uniting resources and expertise to achieve a common goal – creating a solid foundation for supporting veterans and their families. This partnership is a vivid example of how collaboration can lead to significant positive changes in the lives of those who have sacrificed the most – their health and well-being for the peace and security of our country.