Fostering Community Engagement in Military Support: Insights from Nazovni Tech’s Roundtable Discussion

December 13, 2023

In an era where societal challenges are increasingly complex, the role of specialized expertise and community involvement in addressing these issues has never been more crucial. This was the central theme at the recent roundtable organized by Nazovni Tech held at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. The event, titled “The Culture of Interaction with the Military: The Role of Psychotherapists in Shaping and Implementing It”, showcased Nazovni Tech’s commitment to bridging scientific support and civil society for contemporary problem-solving.

Nazovni Tech’s primary mission is to unite civil society and scientific support to overcome the present-day challenges. Supporting military personnel and veterans is a vital task for society and diplomats, who play a key role in finding and implementing relevant research and solutions. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Nazovni Tech platform aims to facilitate collaborative work among non-profit initiatives, scientists, international research centers, and investors, ensuring a continuous exchange of knowledge and expertise in this field.

The roundtable focused on several critical issues, such as effective anger management among military personnel and veterans, support for individuals who have lost loved ones, developing a culture of interaction between society and the military, supporting the families of service members, and addressing the stigmatization of military personnel.

The event was graced by experts in psychotherapy and representatives from various civil organizations. The roundtable was inaugurated by Hennadii Nadolenko, the Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, and Oleksandr Bankov, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Ludmila Yenina, Director of the Department of Economic Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, also joined the discussion, adding valuable insights.

This roundtable signifies a crucial step in addressing the mental health and societal integration of military personnel and veterans. By bringing together experts from various fields, Nazovni Tech is leading the way in creating a supportive ecosystem for those who have devoted their lives to serving the country. The platform’s commitment to fostering dialogue and practical solutions is a testament to its dedication to societal welfare and national recovery.

Through events like these, Nazovni Tech continues to solidify its role as a bridge between state, society, and international partners, driving meaningful changes and support for one of the most critical segments of Ukrainian society – its military personnel and veterans. This roundtable is not just a discussion but a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, promoting understanding, support, and collaboration for a more resilient and compassionate society.