Empowering Ukraine’s Recovery Through Global Partnerships and Innovation

June 21, 2023

On June 8, 2023, Nazovni Tech, in collaboration with esteemed experts from Impact Europe, the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Genesis Philanthropy Center, and the University of Geneva, conducted a webinar titled “The Role of Charitable Organizations and Business Structures in Ukraine’s Recovery.” This event marked a significant step forward in fostering international cooperation for the rehabilitation and advancement of Ukraine amidst its current challenges.

The webinar was structured into four insightful sessions, each addressing key facets of collaboration, impact investing, digital transformation, and legal regulations that are crucial for the nation’s recovery efforts.

Session 1: Partnership
The opening session underscored the importance of partnership, emphasizing how collaboration among different entities can lead to the achievement of common goals. It highlighted Nazovni Tech’s commitment to uniting civil society, scientific support, and diplomatic outreach to overcome contemporary challenges facing Ukraine. Through collective action and innovation, the session showcased how global solutions and positive outcomes could be fostered, mirroring Nazovni Tech’s values of collaboration and professional expertise.

Session 2: Impact Investing
The second session delved into the nuances of impact investing, showcasing its differences and advantages in the context of country recovery. It presented a compelling case for the adoption of investment strategies that not only generate financial returns but also contribute to meaningful social and environmental impacts, aligning with Nazovni Tech’s mission to incorporate scientific expertise and advancements for Ukraine’s recovery.

Session 3: Digital Transformation
Exploring the role of digital technologies in supporting development and recovery efforts, the third session emphasized the potential of digital transformation in Ukraine. It aligned with Nazovni Tech’s vision of implementing high-tech projects for Ukraine’s recovery and integration, showcasing how technological advancements can drive significant improvements in various sectors, including mental health, ecological restoration, and economic resilience.

Session 4: Legal Regulation, Taxation, and Management
The final session addressed the critical legal aspects related to charitable and business structures, discussing key regulatory, taxation, and management issues that impact the functioning of these entities. It underscored the necessity of transparent and effective legal frameworks to support the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, reflecting Nazovni Tech’s value of transparency in operations.

The webinar concluded with a strong message of unity and cooperation. The productive discussions and exchange of expertise among participants and experts underscored the belief that joint efforts of charitable organizations and the business sector can significantly contribute to Ukraine’s recovery.

Nazovni Tech extends its gratitude to all participants and experts for their invaluable contributions to this discussion. The organization remains dedicated to leveraging technology and international scientific cooperation as catalysts for post-war recovery, aiming to create a sustainable and prosperous future for Ukraine.

This event represents just one of the many initiatives undertaken by Nazovni Tech and its partners to facilitate knowledge exchange, expertise, and resources crucial for Ukraine’s rejuvenation. It reaffirms the organization’s commitment to its mission, vision, and values, setting a solid foundation for future collaborations aimed at rebuilding and stimulating Ukraine’s recovery.

Join us in exploring the collaborative path toward Ukraine's recovery. Watch the full webinar for insights on global partnerships and innovation here.